Upcoming Events and Conferences

New England Water Works Spring Conference and Exhibition 2014, Worcester, MA
April 2-3. Dewberry will be exhibiting and presenting. Presentations:

  • Micheal Pelletier, "The 3 R's in Distribution: Replacement, Rehabilitation and Redundancy of Water Mains"
  • Shallan Fitzgerald, "Calculating Specific Impacts to Gain Broad Perspectives: Envision Rating System"
National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) Annual Conference, St. Petersburg, FL
April 7-10. Dewberry is a copper sponsor, is exhibiting, and presenting. Presentations:
  • John Moynier, "Real Time Simulation Watershed Modeling for Water Supply Planning"
  • Matthew Miller, "Wetland Recovery and Management in a shallow, freshwater wellfield in Southwest Florida"
2014 38th Annual NJ TransAction, Atlantic City, NJ
April 8-10. Dewberry is presenting. Presentations:
  • Steven Eget, Ileana Ivanciu, "Sustainability Initiatives in Transportation"
  • James Heeren, Ileana Ivanciu, "Sustainability Metrics: An Update on Existing Measurement Tools and their Implementation"
  • Ali Vaezi, moderator "Use of Technology in Improving Safety and Traffic Flow on New Jersey Highways"
National Hurricane Conference 2014, Orlando, FL
April 14-17. Dewberry is exhibiting and presenting.

Virginia Rural Water Association 26th Annual Conference & Expo, Roanoke, VA
April 16-18. Dewberry is presenting.

NIRSA National Conference, Nashville, TN
April 23-24. Dewberry is exhibiting.

NC Association of Floodplain Managers Spring Conference, Atlantic Beach, NC
April 27-30. Dewberry is exhibiting.

AJA 33rd Annual Training Conference & Jail Expo, Dallas, TX
April 27-29. Dewberry is exhibiting.

Association of Floodplain Managers of Mississippi 2014, Biloxi, MS
April 29-May 2. Dewberry is exhibiting.

2014 Louisiana Floodplain Management Association Annual Conference, Lake Charles, LA
April 30-May 2. Dewberry is presenting.

September 29-October 3.

Scott Ehrhardt is presenting, "WWTP-Power Plant Recycle Loop: Evaluation of Reclaim Water from a Municipal WWTP for Operaion of a 49 MW Power Plant"
85th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, New Orleans, LA
September 29-October 3.

Recent Events and Conference

2014 Public-Private Partnership Conference (P3C), Dallas, TX
February 24-25. Dewberry is exhibiting.
GAFM Annual Conference 2014, Atlanta, GA
March 25-27. Dewberry is a platinum sponsor, is exhibiting, and presenting. Presentations:
  • Jason Brown, "CRS & Risk MAP Products"
  • Jarrett Mattli, "Mitigation Project Applications for Risk MAP Projects"
  • Sam Crampton, "H&H Modeling Technical Training"
  • Sam Fleming, "Gwinnett System Assessment"

Charlotte Harbor Watershed Summit, Punta Gorda, FL
March 25-27. Dewberry is presenting. Presentations:

  • Matthew Miller, "A Comparison of Avian Abundance and Species Richness in Palustrine Emergent Wetlands in Southwest Florida"
Alaska Surveying and Mapping Conference, Fairbanks, AK
March 24-28. Dewberry is a bronze sponsor.

2014 VEMA Symposium, Hampton, VA
March 19-21. Dewberry is exhibiting.

2014 AWWA NJ Annual Conference, Atlantic City, NJ
March 18-21. Dewberry is exhibiting.

2014 State of the Coast Conference, New Orleans, LA
March 18-20. Dewberry is exhibiting

2014 NASPO Marketing Meeting, San Diego, CA
March 16-18. Dewberry is a bronze sponsor and is exhibiting.

2014 New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum, New Brunswick, NJ
March 14. Dewberry is exhibiting.

2014 NCHEA Spring Seminar, Pinehurst, NC
March 12-14. Dewberry is a bronze sponsor.

Building Resilience Workshop, New Orleans, LA
March 12-14. Dewberry is exhibiting.

NEMA 2014 Mid-Year Policy & Leadership Forum, Alexandria, VA
March 9-14. Dewberry is a silver sponsor and is exhibiting.

Virginia Water Conference 2014, Richmond, VA
March 9-11. Dewberry is exhibiting.

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