Upcoming Events and Conferences

Colorado ASFPM Annual Conference, Vail, CO
September 30-October 3. Dewberry is exhibiting.

South Florida GIS Expo 2014, West Palm Beach, FL
October 2-3. Dewberry is exhibiting.

VDOT 10 Annual High School Career Fair, Manassas, VA
October 2. Dewberry is exhibiting.

NEMA 2014 Annual Forum, Atlanta, GA
October 9-12. Dewberry is exhibiting.

2014 ITS NJ Annual Meeting, New Brunswick, NJ
October 14. Dewberry is sponsoring and exhibiting. Click here for more information.

National Recreation and Park Association Congress and Expo, Charlotte, NC
October 14-16. Dewberry's Daniel Atilano is presenting.

AAFM Fall 2014 Conference, Auburn, AL
October 14-16. Dewberry is sponsoring and exhibiting.

10th Annual NJ Association of Floodplain Managers Conference, Atlantic City, NJ
October 14-16. Dewberry is a silver sponsor and is exhibiting.

NAFSMA 2014 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA
October 15-17. Dewberry is sponsoring and exhibiting.

ASBPA 2014 National Coastal Conference, Virginia Beach, VA
October 15-17. Dewberry is exhibiting.

2014 Texas GIS Forum, Austin, TX
October 20-23. Dewberry is presenting.

  • Nicholas Jones and James Kilnoski, "Easy time-saving tips using Python, Textpad, ArcGIS and Windows Batch files"
NCAFPM Fall Floodplain Institute, Asheville, NC

October 22-24. Dewberry is sponsoring, exhibiting, and presenting.

2014 MAFSM 10th Annual Conference, Linthicum, MD
October 23. Dewberry is a Gold sponsor, exhibiting, and presenting.

  • Nadia Dawson, "Social Media Outreach for Floodplain and Stormwater Managers"
  • Mathini Sreetharan, "Affordable Flood Forecasting Using FEMA Models"
  • Mathew Mampara, "The methodology for developing future projections of design discharges reflecting Global climate model (GCM) results"
ASFPM Triennial Mitigation & Non-Structural Floodproofing Workshop, Broomfield, CO

October 27-30. Dewberry is sponsoring, exhibiting, and presenting.

  • Deborah Mills, "Rebuild to Design: Mitigation Solutions for Small Businesses"
  • Juan Nieves-Alvarez, "Evaluation of Residential Elevation Options  in Post-Sandy New York City"
  • John Squerciati, "DFE vs. BFE: Fine Tuning BCAs for Strong Performing Projects"
ACEC/NC NCDOT Joint Transportation Conference, Raleigh, NC
October 29. Dewberry is sponsoring and exhibiting.

September 29-October 3.

Scott Ehrhardt is presenting, "WWTP-Power Plant Recycle Loop: Evaluation of Reclaim Water from a Municipal WWTP for Operaion of a 49 MW Power Plant"
85th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference, New Orleans, LA
September 29-October 3.

Recent Events and Conferences

2014 Public-Private Partnership Conference (P3C), Dallas, TX
February 24-25. Dewberry is exhibiting.

2014 Sea Level Rise Summit, New York City
September 24-26. Dewberry is sponsoring and exhibiting.

2014 ACEC NJ Fall Conference, Atlantic City, NJ
September 14-15. Dewberry is sponsoring and presenting. Click here for more information.

2014 Downtown New Jersey Annual Conference, Rahway, NJ
September 12. Dewberry is a silver sponsor and is exhibiting.

VWEA and AWWA WaterJam 2014, Hampton, VA
September 8-11. Dewberry is sponsoring, exhibiting, and presenting.

TFMA 2014 Fall Technical Seminars, San Antonio, TX
September 3-5. Dewberry is sponsoring.

2014 FMA Annual Conference, Santa Clara, CA
September 2-5. Dewberry is a gold sponsor and is exhibiting.

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