We offer the full-spectrum of water-related professional services to public- and private-sector clients, partnering with them to identify and solve challenges and opportunities.

As our nation's water supplies become scarce and in need of protection and climate change impacts the location and regularity of flood hazards, the regulatory landscape continues to be reshaped at the state and federal levels. We work with clients to navigate current and emerging standards, as well as potential impacts on their water and wastewater infrastructure.

Flood Hazard Analysis

Using the knowledge we've gained by delivering flood hazard modeling (riverine and coastal), mapping, and additional support services for FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) - which include producing many of the nation's digital flood insurance rate maps - we help clients develop effective solutions to their flood hazard issues.

Flood Risk Management

Our flood risk evaluation and management services include support in the design and implementation of risk communication strategies tailored to stakeholders' needs through the development of training workshops, collateral materials, and innovative web- and social media-based communication tools designed to increase awareness and understanding of flood risk.

Stormwater Management

Our experts develop cost-effective stormwater management and stormwater pollution prevention plans, as well as perform stormwater infrastructure, outfall mapping, and other related work. From reservoir modeling to power generation, we collaborate with clients to develop best-management practice manuals and low-impact development design standards. Our services include industry-leading modeling, capital improvement planning, financial analysis, and stormwater management systems design.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Our nation's wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure represents a major investment. We understand our clients' challenges and work to identify solutions that are cost effective to build and operate. We offer project solutions from study phase to system start-up. We have an in-house treatability lab to perform proof of concept studies to support technology selection and system optimization.

  • Collection system asset management
  • Hydraulic modeling and evaluations
  • Restoration/rehabilitation
  • Sanitary and combined sewer overflow remedies
  • Treatment systems

Water Distribution

As a leader in water distribution services, our experience ranges from all phases of planning, design, and construction administration, to system-wide computer hydraulic modeling, planning studies, and design of system components such as pumping facilities, transmission and distribution mains, large diameter pipelines, and storage facilities.

Water Resources

With more than 200 professionals dedicated to water resources engineering, we have one of the largest groups of its kind in the U.S. Our expertise spans from planning to green infrastructure design, with projects supporting land development and transportation activities, as well as municipal, county, and state-wide watershed planning and management plans. With more than 30 years' experience supporting FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program, we are the go-to firm for riverine and coastal flood hazard analysis and mapping, as well as flood risk assessment.

Water Reuse

Water reuse delivers high-quality, non-potable water to end-users. We believe water reuse not only meets water quality standards, but also can help municipalities extend limited water supplies, cope with droughts, attract new businesses, and add to the vibrancy of their communities.

Water Supply and Management

We help clients meet the growing challenges of water supply, often serving as municipal engineers for a growing number of communities. Our civil and sanitary engineers, hydrogeologists, and planners are skilled in all phases of environmental planning, design, and construction administration. Our water supply experience includes the design of high-yield groundwater supply wells, surface water reservoirs and dams, and off-line storage impoundments.

Water Treatment

General understanding of water chemistry, contaminant pathways, and long-term impacts of pollutants in our drinking water continues to advance. From traditional sedimentation and flocculation systems to high-end membrane and reverse osmosis processes, our drinking water experts work with clients to help them deliver "bottled water from the tap."

Water Quality

We work closely with regulating agencies, public purveyors of drinking water, publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities, private industry, and academic institutions to develop and implement sustainable, cost-effective policies, and infrastructure designed to maintain the quality of our water resources.

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